Explore to Understand Our Mindset - 2021 APG Training

This year is another year that we cannot go anywhere. However, we can still explore our thinks and feels and be responsible for what we say and behave. We can be responsible to others, but never for what others think, feel, say and do.  That is just a critical concept that we learned from 1st up to 3rd August 2021 through online training from Marini Ng from Metamind.

As part of our value to continuous learning to be agile and resilient, we spent our precious time developing soft skills to serve our clients better.  Access Personal Genius, a self-leadership training, explores ourselves to understand emotion/concept and understand our frame of mind to change our frame of mind to become more resourceful. This training allows us to manage our state and apply other necessary conditions to concentrate our work better even if there are many interruptions.

Last but not least, we learn how to implement what we want into our decision and actions to achieve the purpose of our life, including being passionate about understanding client wants to provide the best solutions.