We offer excellent service quality according to ISO 9001 and reliable data security according to ISO 27001 with a very competitive price like other HR Information Systems.
If you are interested in the price, please email marketing@widyapresisisolusi.com and inform the number of employees to process payroll for your organization.


We use Espt 1721 and PER 16 PJ 2016 from the Tax office as a benchmark of Myquantumhr tax calculation. Myquantumhr has classified information according to the Indonesia 1721 A1 form so that you will be easily comparing the result with ESPT 1721 A1.

We continuously update calculations to the latest regulation, including the Tax Regulation Harmonization and BPJS Tenaga Kerja.

MyQuantumHr uses the Oracle Cloud to free the company from the server, database investment, and IT personnel to maintain the infrastructure.
Users can use any computer and HP to open the browser, such as Mozilla and Google Chrome.

Users can free select to save in excel, CSV or pdf according to users' needs.

As we used internally, most information can be imported from an excel file based on the Employee Identification Number (NIK).

We can help to customize the report or salary slip based on your requirements. Even uses can select which column needs to be displayed or not if needed.

You may download Employee Self Service at App Store for IOS and Google Play Store for Android. Please contact marketing@myquantumhr.com to get free trial (in certain period) by providing your email, company name and contact number for support to follow up your request.