Unique Features:

These unique features are a breakthrough to make the payroll process simpler and more efficient.  We learn from clients what are their pains and need to improve the processes.


It is setting a Flexible shift/working rule. The other payroll software needs an exact working shift plan on a specific date for each employee must be put in the system one by one every day.  Then the system will compare between the actual time and the working shift plan, this is tedious tasks, and it is non-value added activities. On the other hand,  in myquantumhr needs only to know each employee working shift pattern, including alternative shifts, and the system will interpret the actual attendance with the closest shift working rule. Myquantumhr will make simple in managing the working shift plan and avoid tedious input day by day working shift.


It can accommodate transfer the withholding tax between group companies without affecting the tax deduction to employees. The tax regulation requires the company to recalculate the withholding tax. Then instead of the company returns the withholding tax to the employee, alternatively, the company transfers the withholding tax to the next company. The next company will use the tax return as an additional tax payment.


Some alternatives to input Overtime Order


a.  upload and download actual attendance data to be approved as overtime order

b.  Through employee self-service

c.  integrate with other own company software through open API


Common features:


Access can be depended on the function to ensure the confidentiality of salary information


Integrate with attendance machine and can be accessed from anywhere with one-time password


Flexible tax rule (Gross, Net, Mix and also Tax allowance or tax bear to the company)


Follow The latest Tax regulation in Indonesia (PER 16 2016), including when the new join in the middle of the year or resign in the middle of the year.